Hyper Circles is a 2.1 Extreme Demon created by SRTball and Moparball. As it's name suggests, it is an extremely difficult remake of Nine Circles by Zobros. It has a blood red colour scheme. It's currently #42 on the Fanmade Geometry Dash Demonlist, above Overlock (#43) and below Death Vortex (#41). SRTball verified the level legitimately on 3rd September 2018.

Gameplay: The level begins with an extremely difficult cube with a mess of fake orbs and pads, tight spaces, major timings and speed changes, as well as a block maze and a near impossible jump over a quadruple spike. Then the player enters a very difficult ship with straight flying, high speed, tight spaces and gravity portals everywhere. After the ship, the player enters a very difficult ball with extremely hard tricks and insanely quick timings. The first coin is located here. If the player manages get past this part, they'll enter a very easy cube, leading them to the drop. This cube is the easiest part of the level, as it only requires two jumps, since the rest of the cube is auto.

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